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At plungepools +, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  Prior to purchase, we want to ensure a Plunge Pool is the right choice for your property.  If not, we can refer you to a trusted fibre-glass or in-situ concrete pool builder.  There are many factors to consider when deciding if a plunge pool is right for you.  Along with our freight and logistics partners we will conduct a site assessment to enable us to accurately quote the best option based on your unique circumstances.


  • What are the difference between the different shell types?
    The Standard Shell is just like any in-ground concrete pool with a skimmer box. The Wet Deck uses a grate or concealed gutter instead of a skimmer box. The waterline continues up to the level of the grate or gutter giving the impression that the pool has no obvious perimeter. The Infinity Edge allows the water to run up and cascade over the pool shell into a gutter below. This creates the illusion from in the pool of no boundaries without coping or paving around the pool. The Infinity Edge must sit up out of the ground.
  • What is the interior finish of the pool?
    All of our pools are finished with quality glass mosaics from Italian company Trend. The standard use of glass mosaics set our plunge pools apart from other manufacturers. Come and view our display pool at our Ringwood showroom to see the beauty of quality glass mosaics in swimming pools.
  • Do your pools included coping?
    Yes our pools come with coping included. Our relationship with Pavers Plus gives us the opportunity to access to the highest quality natural stone. Select from Bluestone, Granite, Limestone, Travertine and more. All on display at our Ringwood showroom. Alternatively, if you are installing a timber deck we can remove this option.
  • Does the pool come with Equipment?
    Our equipment packages offer outstanding value on the highest quality equipment from Hayward. We offer two options with both using Hayward's energy efficient variable speed pump. Cartridge or sand filter and Aquarite+ or Omnilogic controller. We believe your pool is a long-term investment and understand the value of energy savings using quality, efficient equipment saving money over the long run. See our packages page for more info.
  • Do the pools come with heating?
    We offer two heater options in the form of an inverter heat pump or gas heater. Contact us to discuss which option is right for you.
  • What differentiates your pools from other plunge pools?
    Our pools are different in a variety of ways. The structure of the pool with 120mm thick walls compares with a pool built and sprayed on site. We offer three different shell types with options to customise further. We offer the option of spa jets, swim jet, bench seats down any wall in the pool and options to customise length, width and shape. Contact us to discuss your plunge pool customisation possibilities.
  • Do I need a pool fence?
    Yes, the permit process ensures your pool complies with the local regulations in your state or territory. This will involve a prior inspection prior to filling your pool to ensure your fencing complies. We suggest you discuss fencing requirements with you surveyor during the pre-permit site meeting.
  • Do I need a permit?
    Yes, a permit is required in every state of Australia for a pool. Your builder can organise this for you or you can install the pool as an owner builder. We can refer you to a specialised pool permit provided to start the process. Check with your local government agencies about their specific regulations and requirements.
  • Do I need a soil test?
    Yes, we recommend a soil test to determine the engineering for the substrate under your pool. A soil test is a relatively simple and inexpensive process and ensures you have the correct base for your soil type.
  • What is the best substrate for my pool?
    We recommend that you have a pre-engineered concrete slab for your pool to sit on, however, if you have had a soil test done and want to use 100mm crushed rock that has been compacted and levelled then this is also an option. Please be aware that if your pool cracks because the ground is not level, then you void your warranty.
  • Do you deliver the pool?
    Yes, we offer a standard flat-rate delivery fee on all our pools subject to site inspection. If upon inspection, the conditions of our standard delivery fee cannot be met, we will provide full transparency as to additional charges and will provide a revised delivery quote, or provide the opportunity for our customers to organise delivery.
  • Do you offer installation?
    Yes, we can install the pool for you. Contact us to discuss this option further.
  • Do you provide a handover on completion?
    Yes, we will run through all the equipment and provide instructions on its operation. As a BioGuard Approved retailer, we stock and sell the full range of BioGuard water treatment products in our Ringwood pool shop. We offer a free initial balance of you pool water and work with you through regular free water testing to maintain the optimal water balance to ensure the water is comfortable, clear, safe and your investment is protected.
  • What warranty do you offer?
    Provided your pool is installed on a level, engineered concrete slab or 100mm of compacted crushed rock, our manufacturing partner provides a 7 year structural warranty. All equipment sold with our pools carry warranties between 2 and 4 years depending on the item and the manufacturer.
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