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Product Description

BioGuard Water Sparkle produces sparkling clear water by bonding particles that are too fine for normal filtration. Particles can also be allowed to settle for easy vacuuming. Water Sparkle has very little effect on pool water’s pH and most other pool chemicals.


Product Features:

 • 1000g/kg aluminium sulphate.

 • Binds particles that are too small for normal filtration.

 • Works on suspended particles such as dust, debris and dead algae.

 • Enables particles to settle for vacuuming to waste.

 • Minimal effect on pH.

 • No effect on most other pool chemicals, such as chlorine, bromine, algaecides or balancers.

 • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good*.



 • Clears cloudy pool water.

 • Vacuum can be used to collect and dispose of particles.

 • Suitable for either chlorine or bromine pools.

 • Storage and transport friendly. 

Water Sparkle 2kg

SKU: 9322477301727
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