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BioGuard Salt Pool Protector II is a highly effective algaecide that works extremely well with salt chlorinators to prevent and kill a broad variety of algae.


Product Features:

• 40g/L copper present as copper sulphate.

• Unique patented non-staining formulation.

• More effective against a wider variety of algae than many algae preventatives.

• Withstands up to 50 ppm of chlorine.

• Built-in water clarifiers and flocculants.

• Contains metal chelating agents to prevent staining.

• Suitable for all pool surfaces.



• Effective against all common and many mutant strains of algae.

• Long-lasting protection in salt chlorinated pools.

• Faster removal of dead algae.

• pH adjuster improves sanitiser efficiency.

• Non-foaming

Salt Pool Protector II 946mL

SKU: 9322477302212
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