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Product Description

The Hayward EnergyLine Pro Inverter heat pump is a high performance, energy efficient Hayward Heat Pump that quietly and economically maintains your ideal water temperature at all times, while delivering potential energy savings compared to traditional on/ off Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters. It does this by consistently monitoring the temperature and adjusting its output to supply the required amount of energy to heat your pool or spa. Find other exclusive and innovative features such as:


 • Save on running costs compared to a traditional on/off heat pump through unique DC Inverter Technology that adjusts its power and electricity consumption based on the needs of the pool.


 • Super quiet performance system operating at low decibels this heat pump is virtually silent from only a few metres.


 • Features Titanium Heat Exchanger, designed for durability and efficiency to ensure maximum heat transfer and resistance to harsh pool chemicals.


 • Designed to operate at low ambient temperatures (designed for temperatures down to -7 Degrees Celsius) you can extend your swimming time earlier in Spring and well through Autumn.


 • Digital colour touchscreen interface shows real time power consumption for immediate feedback and control.


SKU: 20027343
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